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State of the Art Facilities

With its modern manufacturing equipment, Soli-Meubles can achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity, and offer high-quality products at very competitive prices. Our production takes place in our four buildings, which cover nearly 20,000 square feet.

Our equipment includes:

  • CNC machining centre;
  • 2 table routers;
  • 3 sawbenches;
  • Dovetail making equipment (drawer);
  • Tenons and mortises;
  • Wall panel saw;
  • Simple laser edgers;
  • Robotic glue spreader;
  • Double face planer;
  • Wide belt sander with electronic pad;
  • Frame press;
  • Variable-height final assembly stations.

We even make our own solid wood panels with dry wood stored in our warehouses. This speeds up greatly the marketing of your products.

Our Approach

With You at Every Stage!

Soli-Meubles has developed over time a unique expertise and customer approach, so you can feel our support and guidance at every stage of your project. We have developed production management tools aimed specifically at ensuring a strict control of our operations, while maintaining a high degree of flexibility to meet our delivery deadlines.